Mission Opportunities

Lewisville Community Assistance Program: LCAP is a local food pantry for Lewisville residents.  Donations are always welcome and helpful.  LCAP opens the pantry to the public throughout the year and helps many families by providing food during tough times.  Donate or find out how you can help by contacting Rita Smith 336-406-3236


Blessings Box: At the corner of the west side of our parking lot we house a blessing box to bless those in our community who are in need. The box contains items such as canned foods and snacks, personal hygiene items, seasonal items such as sunscreen or warm gloves. Individuals within the community are welcome to take items as needed or give items when they can. Our mission team sustains the blessings box by adding items throughout the year. Any other groups or individuals are invited to donate items as well. 

Rise Against Hunger: Saturday, June 26th, a group of volunteers from our church joined forces with six other United Methodist churches in the West Forsyth Missional Network to participate in a Rise Against Hunger meal packing event. Together, these volunteers packed 14,256 meals (each meal can feed 6 people) that will feed the hungry around the world. Lewisville UMC contributed $853 from our 5th Sunday offering in May to help purchase the meals. Thank you to everyone who donated time and money to this important mission!