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Adult Sunday School

Each Sunday from 10:00-10:50am

Class Information


The Yokefellow Class: Our Bible studies seek to apply scripture to Christian living. We sometimes call ourselves the “formerly young adult class.”  We welcome all adults to join us. This class meets in the Yokefellow Room For more information, contact Bo Houff (

The Upper Room Class: With over 20 members on our roster, we are one of the larger Sunday School classes.   We attend both the 9am and 11 am worship services and comprise a truly multi-generational (ages mid-30’s to 70+) and multi-denomination background group.  What brings us all together is the desire to dive deeper into God’s word; to study, discuss and reflect upon the biblical truths it contains which can guide our lives.   In addition to reinforcing our faith via knowledge, our class also seeks to grow our faith via fellowship and mission occasions.   We seek to gather together regularly for pot-luck suppers, church events and service opportunities.   Our class has traditionally supported the Open Arms Ministry, Crossnore School and Children’s Home along with ChildFund International.   Many other shorter term evangelistic mission opportunities are also supported. We invite you to come and visit a place where new faces are welcomed, longtime members feel loved and all feel they have come in direct contact with the heart of the bible. This class is currently using a curriculum called "Spiritual Warfare".  Contact Cheryl Gross ( for more information. 

The Seekers Class: Seekers class curriculum consists of Bible Studies and small group studies by many contemporary authors. These studies can relate to topics that are relevant in today’s world and that affect our daily physical and spiritual lives.

The Fellowship Class: The Fellowship Class is a mixed-aged discussion based Sunday School class that examines the intersections between current events, relevant topics, and our Christian faith. Contact Emily Jennings ( for more information.

The Wesleyan Class: The Wesleyan Sunday School class is geared toward parents of youth and children, but everyone is welcome to attend. Daniel Godfrey leads this group which meets in the Fellowship Hall and includes time for light refreshments, fellowship, a Bible based discussion, and prayer. The class is divided into small groups called "bands" that support one another throughout the week. Contact Daniel ( for more information.

The Prayer Room: The Prayer Room provides a weekly opportunity for centering prayer and quiet meditation on the scriptures for all members of the church family, led by Janet Sizemore (


Please contact Pastor Paul Brown at if you need help finding the right class for you!

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