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The mission of the Lewisville UMC After School Program is to enrich the social, emotional, and spiritual lives of children through quality after school care.

What to expect this year at Lewisville UMC After-School Care 

  • This year you will see many new faces at the After-School Program. We are excited that Crystal Maroni is serving as the new director of the program. Crystal was a teacher in the program last year and is also a teacher in our Preschool. The After-School Board is also excited to share that Kyla Stimpson will serve as the program's student enrichment director, planning and facilitating fun and engaging program each day. Additionally, three more wonderful staff members have been hired. 

  • The year our program will run from Monday-Friday. All students must be picked up by 6pm daily.

  • This year our program is open to students who are in Kindergarten-5th Grade. Be sure to talk to the transportation coordinator at your elementary school to arrange transportation to Lewisville UMC in the afternoons.

  • There will be a different theme each week that will determine the activities that are planned for each day. 

  • When students arrive at Lewisville UMC, they will experience a 10-minute "calm down" opportunity to help transition from school to after-school. Then students will be fed snack, and will split up into mixed-age groups for 90 minutes of rotating structured activities. Some time will be spent outside each day, as weather permits.  Towards the end of the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to work on homework, read, or do another calm activity until they are picked up. Students will also participate in a monthly chapel service in the Sanctuary facilitated by Rev. Kara Chamberlin, Associate Pastor of Lewisville UMC.

  • This year parents can expect consistent communication from the program director via email (Mailchimp) and text (Remind).

  • Tuition for this year is $225 per month. For families with more than one child attending the program, a $10 per child discount is available each month. 

  • To register your child, please click the link above and submit your registration fee. 

  • Questions? Please contact Crystal Maroni at 

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