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Welcome to the Lewisville United Methodist Church Preschool! 

Clothing and Toy Exchange


Fall/Winter: September 11-20, 2023

Spring/Summer: March 4th-13th

Please register for the 2023 Fall/ Winter Clothing & Toy Exchange by clicking HERE

Click HERE for Clothing Exchange FAQs


Volunteer Information

  • Besides helping us, which we greatly appreciate, volunteers get: free babysitting, shop the presale AND be entered to win a $25 dollar gift certificate to use during the sale.

  • The PRESALE is from 4-7pm.

  • The presale is for Volunteers ONLY!

  • If you volunteer for 2 or more shifts, OR bring the racks down on Monday, OR volunteer for a shift on Saturday, OR volunteer for a shift on Tuesday after the sale, THEN you can shop the presale from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • If you work only 1 shift (not listed above), then you can shop the presale from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m.

  • If you need childcare for any of your volunteer shifts, please leave a note when you sign up. We provide FREE childcare for your volunteer shifts. If you are interested in childcare, please email us at

  • Sign up to volunteer here!

  • After registering online, you will get an email when your tags are ready for pickup.

  • Each consignor is given 200 tags. More tags will have a fee of $0.50 per 25 tags.

  • See sample for tag completion. Top half only Style and Size, bottom half No. and Price. Please read tagging instructions included with your tags for all information!

  • If you are prepaid, you must still register at the time of registration.


Tagging Instructions


    • SIZE: Size of item

    • STYLE: Color, style, number of pieces, other descriptive words


    • PRICE: Your Selling Price.

    • NO: The code number as it appears on your registration card.

    • If a Teen size: Add a T on the bottom right corner.

  • LUMCP reserves the right to refuse any item. Improperly tagged items will not be accepted until the tags have been redone.

  • If you wish to donate unsold items, place large X on the back of tag. If you are donating EVERYTHING, please note that on your registration card.

  • ·We will NOT accept handmade tags, you MUST use our tags.


Tagging Guidelines

  • Hang all clothes size 2/2T and higher on wire hangers ONLY. Infants – 24mths can use children’s flat plastic store hangers (but prefer wire hangers)

  • Tag Placement

    • Shirts, dresses, coats, etc. – Place on hanger with hanger hook facing left. Tag should be pinned under right arm (if looking at front of shirt/dress/coat) left arm (if wearing it).

    • Pants, shorts, etc. – Pin on hanger with hanger hook facing left. Tags must be attached to the right side.

    • Shoes, underwear, socks, etc. – Place in a zip-loc bag. Tape the tag string to the outside of the bag. Shoes can be tied together with zip ties.

    • All toy parts should be placed in a zip-loc bag and taped to the main piece.


  • Don’t forget to highlight ½ price items with pink slash on front of tag.

  • All clothing you are consigning must be sorted by size/by gender and rubber banded (NOT TAPED). This will help expedite the sorting and receiving process.


Items that WILL be accepted for sale

  • Infant through children’s size 14-16, and Junior Sizes up to XXL. Teen clothing should be clearly marked with a letter T on bottom corner. Seasonably appropriate, clean, clothing secured on wire hangers and clearly marked as instructed.

  • Dress shoes, tennis shoes, boots and athletic shoes should be securely fastened and/or labeled in zip-loc bags. Shoe size up to size 13. Please do not put in boxes. You can use zip ties to fasten shoes together.

  • Toys, Bikes and Games – Good condition please and secure all pieces in zip-loc bags or taped up (If there are missing pieces, please write so on the ticket so we will not have to open all the packages) Items over $25 must work and be shown to someone.

  • Baby Equipment and Nursery Furniture – Clean and in good condition.

  • No loose pieces please

  • Children’s Books, DVDs. NO VHS– Good condition please (tape tag to item)

  • Nursing Supplies-Pumps, nursing bras, etc. Clean and in good condition.


Items that WILL NOT be accepted for sale

  • Stuffed Animals, Bedding (comforter, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc), Maternity clothes, VHS

  • Clothes that are stained, soiled, has odor (foul smell such as spit up or smoke), torn or out of season

  • Toys that are broken or inappropriate

Contact us

Preschool Office Phone: 336-945-3204

Address: 6290 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC 27023

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