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Welcome to the Lewisville United Methodist Church Preschool! 

Children's Consignment Sale (Formerly the Clothing and Toy Exchange)


Fall/Winter: September 15th-25th, 2024

Spring/Summer: March 23rd-April 3rd, 2025

Please register for the 2024 Fall Children's Consignment Sale by clicking HERE

Click HERE for Children's Consignment Sale FAQs.

Click HERE to sign up to volunteer.


Consignor Information:

  • After registering online, you will get an email when your tags are ready for pickup.

  • Each consignor is given 200 tags and a few safety pins, rubber bands and zip ties, to get started. You can purchase more tags from us for $0.50 per 25 tags. You are responsible for purchasing more safety pins, rubber bands and zip ties as you need them. 

  • A registration fee of $5.00 and 40% (this goes to the preschool) of your sales will be taken out of your check automatically. Checks will be available for pickup or to be mailed (if you have provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope during check in) the Monday after the half-price sale. 

  • If you are prepaid, you must still register at the time of registration.

Tagging Instructions:

  • Top Half of the tag complete:

    • ​SIZE: Size of item

    • STYLE: Color, style, number of pieces, other descriptive words

  • Bottom Half of the tag complete:

    • ​PRICE: Your Selling Price.

    • NO: The code number as it appears on your tagging instruction paper located in your tag bag.

    • If it is a Teen size: Add a T on the bottom right corner.


  • Don’t forget to highlight ½ price items with a pink highlighter slash on the front of the tag.

  • We will NOT accept handmade tags, you MUST use our tags.

  • See the samples below for tag completion. Please read tagging instructions included in your tag bag for all information.

  • All clothing you are consigning must be sorted by size/by gender and rubber banded (NOT TAPED). This will help expedite the sorting and receiving process.

  • LUMCP reserves the right to refuse any item. Improperly tagged items will not be accepted until the tags have been redone.

Tag Placement and Hanging Guidelines:

  • Hang all clothes size 2/2T and higher on wire hangers ONLY. Infants – 24mths can use children’s flat plastic store hangers (but prefer wire hangers).

  • Tag Placement

    • Shirts, dresses, coats, etc. – Place it on a hanger with the hanger hook facing left. Tag should be pinned under the right arm (if looking at the front of the shirt/dress/coat) and the left arm (if wearing it).

    • Pants, shorts, etc. – Pin at the top of the hanger with the hanger hook facing left. Tags must be attached to the right side.

    • Shoes - Shoes should be tied together with zip ties. The zip tie can be put through the hole on the tag.

    • Underwear- Only new packaged underwear. Tape the tag to the outside of the package.

    • Socks, stockings, bras etc. – Place in a zip-loc bag. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag. 

    • All toy parts should be placed in a zip-loc bag and taped to the main piece.


Items that WILL be accepted for sale:

All items must be clean, odor free and in good/working condition.

  • Clothing - Infant through children’s size 14-16, and Junior Sizes up to XXL. Teen clothing should be clearly marked with a letter T on the bottom right corner. Seasonably appropriate, not stained, clothing secured on wire hangers and clearly marked as instructed.

  • Shoes should be securely fastened by a zip tie. Shoe size up to size 13. Please do not put shoes in boxes. 

  • Toys, Bikes and Games – Secure all pieces in zip lock bags or tape up the box (if there are missing pieces, please write so on the ticket so we will not have to open all the packages). Items over $25.00 must work and be shown to someone during receiving.

  • Books, puzzles, and DVDs – No rated R or Unrated DVDs. No scratched DVDs. Secure all puzzle pieces. No severely marked up books. 

  • Nursing Supplies -Pumps, nursing bras, etc. Clean and in good condition. Secure all pieces in zip lock bags and attach to bigger pieces. 

  • Baby Equipment and Nursery Furniture – No loose pieces. Small pieces can be placed in zip lock bags and taped to the bigger pieces. If there are multiple big pieces please tag each piece and indicate it is a set. 


Items that WILL NOT be accepted for sale:

Please see below for places that may take these items. 

  • Stuffed Animals.

  • Bedding (comforter, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.).

  • Maternity clothes.

  • VHS tapes.

  • Rated R or unrated DVDs.

  • Car seat/booster seats.

  • Toddler through King sized bed frames/mattress. 

  • Clothes that are stained, soiled, have an odor (foul smell such as spit up or smoke), torn or out of season.

  • Toys that are broken or inappropriate.


Below are links of a few local places that may accept donations of items we do not accept:


Volunteer Information:

  • Besides helping us, which we greatly appreciate, volunteers get free childcare (when signed up in advance), to shop the presale AND be entered into three $10 dollar gift certificate drawings to use during the sale.

  • The PRESALE is from 4-7pm.

  • The presale is for Volunteers ONLY!

  • If you volunteer for 2 or more shifts, OR bring the racks down, OR volunteer for a shift on Saturday OR Sunday, OR volunteer for a shift on Tuesday after the sale, THEN you can shop the presale from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • If you work only 1 shift (not listed above), then you can shop the presale from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m.

  • If you need childcare for any of your volunteer shifts, please leave a note when you sign up. We provide FREE childcare for your volunteer shifts. If you sign up for childcare and discover you no longer need childcare, please text the events phone at 336-631-0873 to let Starr know. 

  • Sign up to volunteer here:


Follow the sale on Facebook:

Contact us

Preschool Office Phone: 336-945-3204

Preschool Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Address: 6290 Shallowford Road, Lewisville, NC 27023

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